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Before using this site

About the exterior link
In our site, there’s a link to an exterior site, which is not under our supervision. As regarding the protection of individual informations, the accuracy of the contents, and the agreement of the copyright of this exterior site, it is not under our responsibility. When you access to this exterior site, we strongly recommend you to read the site’s rules. Our policy is only for our site.


About the link
In principle, it is allowed to build a link freely, but it is desirable to contact us the site where’s the link is built, the URL, the contents of the site, and the purpose of the link.

About individual informations
When you have a contact with us, we may ask your individual informations, however these informations will be saved with attention, and will be accessed only by your personal agent. These informations would help the amelioration of the society , but will be accessed only by a person allowed by yourself.


About the copyright
The copyright of our site and the texts, pictures, illustrations, and designs of this site, belong to us. It is forbidden to make a copy, to sell or to lend these contents without permission, except of when it is allowed by the law for personal using. You will also need the permission of the donor of the contents, Also, it is not sure there will be any problem, when the law allow.


Exemption clause
We will not guarantee the totality of the perfection or the exactitude of the informations of this site. We will also not guarantee the direct or indirect loss from the use of the informations of this site.

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