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Deniau Strategic Consulting

Les arts de vivre au japon



Core policy/philosophy of DSC is to make clients companies succeed in Japan.
In partnership with the client DSC specificity is not only purpose solutions but engineer them together.



Core policy/philosophy of DSC is to make clients companies succeed in Japan.
In partnership with the client DSC specificity is not only purpose solutions but engineer them together.
It can start with a study of the opportunities/potential going through

1) Finding partners companies
2) Identification of target for M&A
3) Creating Joint venture
4) Creating local office/ subsidiary
5) Managing the implementation (logistics/finance/human resources)

On one side implementing and managing the business if required.


More simply DSC can house your local representation being Liaison office/subsidiary or even your local agent. 
All the parameters can be done in-house (recruiting if necessary) or outsourced but duly managed. 
DSC has for facility 300m2 of showroom/office in Akasaka Tokyo and a team of 10 consultants/adviser.


The Japanese enterprises tend to be Americanized nowadays.
This fact is clear because when it talks about the regeneration of the enterprise,
it's in general about a financial approach. In fact, it is important to regenerate the enterprise,
but it is obvious it is not the financial success that makes the excellence of the enterprise.

Deniau Strategic Consulting
President Jean Deniau

About President

“L’Art de vivre” is the French way of thinking for their lifestyle :putting like salt and pepper a small dose of art in our everyday life! Our mission is “Passionate” to promote and educate this concept that our Brands make their own way in Japanese market. This challenge is really attractive, but at the same time we have to face difficulty that we need to learn and understand deeply today and tomorrow’s market as it changing more rapidly every single day :doing what we were doing yesterday is just NOT relevant. Taking new brands from other countries to Japan and make these Brands popular in the market is a tough challenge, like creating a new brand from nothing. However, some of the brands we have dealt with become more successful than in their original market, and the Japanese model and marketing also help to drive growth in other markets. This is the evidence that Japanese market is more and more interested in our challenge and “L’ Art de vivre.” Thanks to the building up of these brands, we can develop talents and human resources that will be the base of further developments.



REIMS Management school
Special internship at Euro-Asia center ( 'INSEAD' )
Scholarship student at Sophia university 1983-1990
'Arc International Japan' Osaka Office Manager
'Arc International Japan' japan representative
'Arc International (H.Q.) Asia Executive Manager and Japanese representative
'SBA Consulting Group' Partner and C.O.O
President of 'Deniau Strategic Consulting Ltd.

Other career

Co-Established French chamber of commerce and Industry in Kansai
Director of CCIFJ
Member of PEER club ( business club chaired by Mr. SAJI, president of Suntory Ltd. )
The president of 'Osaka French-Japanese Business Club (Japanese side: Inahata Sangyo Mr. Inahata)
Director and first Vice-President of CCIFJ
Awarded as Knight of French National Order of Merit
France official trade advisor ( CCE Japan )


About Company


ALPHABET SEVEN 3F, 7-6-38, Akasaka,

Minato, TOKYO JAPAN 107-0052

Tel.+81-3-6450-5711 Fax.+81-3-6450-5712

Paid Capital

10millions yen.


Jean Deniau

Main Bank

Mizuho Bank / and Mitsui Sumitomo Bank


Founded the 14th of October, 1977

In 2005 changes its name from "Tozai Communication" to "Deniau Strategic Consulting Ltd."( D.S.C. )


From Akasaka station

From Akasaka station 7 exit (Subway Chiyoda line) About 5 minutes walking.